Established with a joint foreign and domestic capital, QUINTESO is a multinational firm based on the needs and the potential of the region, with a clear goal to enhance cooperation between foreign investors and domestic companies thus contributing to empower the rise of local SMEs. A business process outsourcing multinational company based in Skopje, QUINTESO is built on the pillars of innovation, communication and excellence. We are building bridges which bring together people, ideas, and resources in order to deliver services, products, technology and methodologies that build successful businesses and communities.

We offer a variety of services to different international corporations interested to invest in our region. Our services entail market analysis and research, defining industry trends and potential, a variety of consultant services and business process outsourcing.

Our sole purpose is to offer the best business solutions either by intermediating between foreign investors and regional and domestic SMEs or by partnering with them, in order to achieve best results answering to clients’ needs and goals.

Our Clients list includes healthcare organizations, financial institutions, two large oversees consortiums, construction firms, agriculture company, mining companies etc. As an intermediating company we offer information confidentiality, a great network of professionals, partnership with a network of leading law and consultant companies in the region.

The mission of QUINTESO is to establish and nurture partnerships that help the businesses and societies flourish.

Our vision is to provide excellence in our work, thus ensuring value adding services to our clients with an efficient and professional team.